Sunday, 29 June, 2014

c2b2 fifth and final module:Strategic Management

Let me share 20 questions for fifth and final module of c2b2: Strategic Management.
  1. What are types of market structure?
  2. How does money flow between business organizations and households?
  3. Which are key economic indicators?
  4. How fiscal and monetary policies affect economy?
  5. How economy affects business onrganizations?
  6. Which non-economic factors affect business organizations?
  7. How Porter’s Five Forces model can be used for industry analysis?
  8. What is SWOT analysis?
  9. How Ansoff’s matrix can be used for formulating marketing strategy?
  10. What is meant by vision, mission and objectives of an organization?
  11. What is competitive advantage?
  12. What is meant by value chain?
  13. What is meant by experience curve?
  14. Which are the generic business strategies?
  15. How balanced scorecard can be used for business performance management?
  16. How BCG matrix is used for formulating corporate strategy?
  17. How GE-McKinsey matrix can be used for formulating corporate strategy?
  18. What are components of a business plan for a startup venture?
  19. How is strategy implemented in an organization?
  20. How strategy execution can be evaluated and controlled?

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