Thursday, 1 April, 2010

Gartner Report on “Leading in Times of Transition: The 2010 CIO Agenda”

Just finished reading an executive summary of Gartner report titled "Leading in Times of Transition: The 2010 CIO Agenda". Following are my notes from this reading:

1.       Top three business priorities for CIOs in year 2010 are:

a.       Improving business processes

b.      Reducing enterprise costs

c.       Increasing the use of information/analytics.

2.       Top three business priorities in year 2013 as projected by CIOs surveyed are:

a.       Managing change initiatives

b.      Improving business processes

c.       Attracting and retaining new customers.

3.       Top ranked strategic technologies for CIOs surveyed are as follows: Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Web 2.0.

4.       The 2010 CIO Agenda will focus on following three factors:

a.       An economy in transition places a premium on results productivity versus cost-efficiencies.

b.      Enterprise strategies are shifting toward more collaborative and innovative solutions.

c.       The rise of technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and Web 2.0 are creating a new IT landscape.

Since I do not have access to full Gartner report, I do not know the rationale behind these findings/recommendations. But anyway there are no surprises here!