Thursday, 24 March, 2011

Publishing powerpoint slides on youtube

It took me quite a few hours to figure out how to publish powerpoint slides on youtube. Finally, I picked up following approach for doing it. Not sure this is the best one but it has worked for me for the time being.
  1. Save PPTs into PNG images. PowerPoint will save all slides as images in a folder.
  2. Use Windows Movie Maker (freely available with Windows XP) to convert these images into WMV video file.
  3. Upload WMV file on youtube.
Right now used default settings of Windows Movie Maker. Yet to figure out how to control things such as timing of slide transition.

BTW my youtube channel is at


Today I learned a new term - Freemium. It is a business model where in
you give away a core product for free and then generate revenue by
selling premium products to a small percentage of free users.

I guess this model is well known, thanks to the companies such as
Skype that have championed this business model. But it was interesting
to see that someone has named it so well.

For more details, please check out Wikipedia article and also a blog
site at This site features an e-book that
explains this term in more details.

Happy reading!