Sunday, 25 May, 2014

c2b2 First Module: Business Organization

In last post, I mentioned that I will be redesigning Crash Course in Business Basics (c2b2) to contain following five modules:
  1. Business Organization
  2. Marketing
  3. Money Matters
  4. Manager's Toolbox
  5. Strategic Management
Each of these modules will contain 20 questions, answers of which will be recorded as slideshow with voice-over. In this post, let me share 20 questions for first module: Business Organization:

1.    Which are different forms of a business organization?
2.    Which are key business functions?
1.    What does finance department do?
2.    What does accounting department do?
3.    What is meant by operations in a company?
4.    What do sales people do?
5.    How does marketing differ from sales?
6.    What is the role of human resources department?
7.    Which are key support functions?
8.    What do managers do?
9.    How do functions and skills differ with levels of management?
10. What is the role of Board of Directors (BoD)?
11. Is management an art or science?
12. In how many different ways a company can be structured?
13. What could be the rationale for choosing an organization structure over another?
14. What is an organizational culture?
15. Can organizational culture be managed?
16. How employees are recruited in an organization?
17. Which are the ways in which employees can be trained and developed?
18. Which are different ways by which employees can motivated?
19. Which are different types of information systems that are used by a company?
20. How information systems are built and managed?
I will share 20 questions for next module in next post.