Sunday, 22 June, 2014

c2b2 fourth module: Manager's Toolbox

Here comes 20 questions for fourth module of c2b2: Manager's Toolbox.
  1. How to summarize raw data?
  2. How charts can be used effectively?
  3. How to prepare for a business presentation?
  4. How to design a business presentation?
  5. How to deliver a business presentation?
  6. How to use plus-minus-interesting (PMI) technique for decision making?
  7. How to use decision matrix for decision making?
  8. How to use decision tree for decision making?
  9. Which are principles of quality management?
  10. Which are seven basic tools for quality management?
  11. What is meant by SMARTER objectives?
  12. How to manage time?
  13. How to do active listening?
  14. How to give feedback?
  15. How to receive feedback?
  16. How to prepare for win-win negotiation?
  17. Which netiquette you must know?
  18. How to use situational leadership?
  19. What are the sources of power in an organization?
  20. How a change can be managed in an organization?
Next post will have 20 questions for last module of c2b2.

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