Sunday, 15 June, 2014

c2b2 third module: Money Matters

Let me share 20 questions for third module of c2b2: Money Matters.

  1. How accounting information is processed?
  2. Which are key accounting principles?
  3. What is accrual accounting?
  4. What is depreciation in accounting?
  5. Why profit is not equal to cash?
  6. What information does profit and loss statement provide?
  7. What information does balance sheet provide?
  8. What information does cash flow statement provide?
  9. How profitability of different companies can be compared?
  10. How managerial decisions impact financial statements?
  11. Which are the sources for raising finance for long-term needs?
  12. Which are the sources for raising finance for short-term needs?
  13. In which ways cost can be classified?
  14. How cost can be managed effectively?
  15. How is revenue budgeting is used in a company?
  16. What is capital budgeting process?
  17. Which are the prominent methods for calculating return on investment?
  18. What is working capital?
  19. What is cash conversion cycle?
  20. How to improve working capital management?
In next post, I will share 20 questions for fourth module viz. Manager's Toolbox.

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