Thursday, 1 September, 2011

SARAL methodology

Last week while traveIing in a bus, I thought of a methodology for delivering business technology solutions. I struggled a bit to capture its steps in specific words so as to get an easy-to-remember acronym name for the methodology. The result was SARAL methodology  having following steps:
  1. Study client's business context and IT landscape.
  2. Analyze gap between current and desired state.
  3. Recommend solution options.
  4. Activate client-chosen solution option on a pilot basis for early feedback.
  5. Launch full-fledged solution.
Yes, I agree it's old wine in new bottle! Hope new bottle is more elegant though!!

Jokes apart, there are couple of differentiators that I have tried to capture in this methodology:
  • Instead of studying just business requirements, study the business context as there could be some hidden requirements that we would otherwise miss.
  • Don't recommend "the" solution but few solution options for client to choose. Ideally we would propose three solution options which could resemble like fast-food, square-meal and seven-course-meal options!
  • A beta version needs to made available to users before launch to seek their early feedback.
That's for now, more later.

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