Monday, 12 September, 2011

Notes from book: Coaching People

Following are my takeaways from reading a book titled Coaching People. The book is authored by Patty McManus and is published by HBS Press as part of Pocket Mentor series.
  • Coaching is a means for learning and development. It is guiding someone toward her or his goals. It it also the mutual sharing of experiences and opinions to create agreed-upon outcomes.
  • Coaching is NOT an opportunity to correct someone's behaviors or actions. It is NOT directing someone to take actions to meet goals. It is also NOT being the expert or supervisor with all the answers.
  • Effective coaching is ongoing.
  • Coaching Skills
    • Active listening
    • Asking right questions (both open-ended and closed-ended)
    • Advocate opinions (to balance question-asking mode)
    • Give feedback as coach
    • Receive feedback as coach
    • Build agreement
  • While giving feedback, focus on behavior - not character, attitude or personality; be specific; be sincere; be realistic. Give feedback early and often.
  • Coaching style could be directive, which is useful for developing skills and for providing answers. On the other hand, supportive coaching style is useful for facilitating problem solving, for building self-confidence, for encouraging employees learn on their own and for serving as a resource for others.

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