Tuesday, 13 September, 2011

Notes from book: Business the amazon.com way

I happened to glance through first edition of book titled "Business the amazon.com way". It is published in year 1999 so no wonder it looked like an outdated book to me. It's second edition is published in year 2002, which I guess would have covered the dot-com-burst phenomenon. Nevertheless reading a pre-dot-com-boom book in year 2011 was an interesting experience.

In this book, the author Rebecca Saunders has shared following 10 secrets of the world's most astonishing web business:
  1. Live and breathe e-commerce
  2. Fill the place with entrepreneurs (hire entrepreneurial talent for key positions)
  3. Focus (to be the world's biggest store on the net)
  4. Brand the site
  5. Get and keep customers by offering great value
  6. Develop unbeatable logistics
  7. Stay lean (practice frugality as value)
  8. Practice technoleverage
  9. Constantly reinvent the business
  10. Grow with the best (alliances, acquisitions and partnerships)
As such, they are not so much secrets as of now. Still I found this list worth noting!

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