Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

Describing myself

Today on 60th Republic Day of India, I got into thinking to come out with description of myself. How do I describe myself? Typically we use resumes and profiles to describe ourselves in public life. So updating my resume was my first step. But then I wondered whether I can use any different structure or format.

I am currently involved in developing Triple-3 Framework for IT Strategy Consulting. Why triple-3? Because for IT Strategy Consulting, we intend to do following three activities: understand three factors, examine three areas and recommend using three artifacts. Now I must admit that this triple-3 notion is simply used to increase recall value of the framework. BTW, the framework is under development and I hope to write about it soon.

So I decided to use this notion of Triple-3 to describe myself. After a lot of thinking (I am not that smart!), I came up with my description using following Triple-3 format:

  1. Three Aspirations:
    1. Contribute at least one knowledge artifact (e.g. management framework) in public domain.
    2. Make enough money to become financially secure.
    3. Help improve quality of life for quite a few underprivileged individuals
  2. Three Assets:
    1. More than a decade-long hands-on experience with diverse software tools and technologies.
    2. Management Education from premier institutes (MBA from IIT Bombay and Executive Education at IIM-A & IIM-B).
    3. Good amount of professional networking
  3. Three Action Areas:
    1. Continue to acquire, share and create knowledge in information technology management.
    2. Improve business acumen through work experience.
    3. Systematically increase professional networking.

Preparing this description of oneself is not necessarily an easy task. Do you want to try yourself? What are your three aspirations, three assets and three action areas? Just think over!

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