Tuesday, 26 August, 2014

Ten Guidelines for taking effective interviews

Here are ten guidelines that I follow for taking interviews. You may find them useful.
  1. Dress as per your company policy.
  2. Introduce yourself and greet the candidate with a handshake and a friendly smile.
  3. Make candidate comfortable and at ease before you begin with your questions. 
  4. Show respect and treat the candidate as your customer.
  5. Use a friendly tone of voice. 
  6. Listen more and let the candidate do most of the talking.
  7. Do not take mobile calls during the interview.
  8. Do not engage in arguments with the candidate.
  9. Do not offer right answers or feedback for improvement.
  10. End on positive note, regardless of the outcome.

1 comment:

Rushikesh S. Thakkar said...

Spot on! Especially #4 and #10 are really important to remember.