Friday, 24 August, 2007

E-commerce Platform making use of open-source software components

This is perhaps the first time I saw a commercial business application product, which was almost entirely developed on top of open source software components. Although Elastic Path E-commerce Platform is itself not an open source software, it provides full source code (along with JUnit tests!) to its customers.

It is based on Spring Framework and makes use of Velocity, Dojo, Spring MVC and DWR for user interaction. It uses Apache Axis along with Dozer and xDoclet for web service-enabling of some of its software components. Hibernate is used for O/R mapping. Other software tools that are used include Apache Lucene, JBoss Rules, Acegi Security System and JBossCache.

The company counts names such as XEROX and P&G as its customers and provides quite a few case studies (not of XEROX and P&G though!). Overall it looks like a very cost-effective e-commerce solution for mid-market online retailers. It perhaps can also be used by large organizations having web as one of the sales channel.

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