Sunday, 19 August, 2007

BPMN Tutorial

A very good tutorial on BPMN is now available on BPMN site at It is in the form of 78 presentations slides.

The tutorial begins with a quick background and then describes various diagram elements. And guess what? It gives a set of questions as an exercise! Following this exercise, it covers some more conceptsand concludes with other exercise.

In all, it provides a good introductory capsule on BPMN. It can also be used to deliver an hour-long session to business process analysts.


sandeep said...

hi srikant,

thanks for tutorial.

Does that mean companies like oracle,SAP,IBM will replace the BPEL by BPMN?

Anonymous said...

BPMN is a modeling language, BPEL is an execution language. So where is the question of replacement?

Anonymous said...

I am given a task to write a Business Process module which should be fully BPMN compliant. I need someadvice on how to achieve this task. What should be my first step.

Anonymous said...

I guess the link is chaged to

Am I mistaken Srikant?

Shrikant Mulik said...

The tutorial that I referred in this post seems to be missing from BPMN site now. :(

Karren Barlow said...

I would also recommend checking out Lucidchart for a great BPMN 2.0 Tutorial for Beginners. Their site is very helpful and easy to use!