Saturday 18 June 2016

Udacity MOOC on Intro to DevOps

If you are interested in knowing about DevOps then you should check out a MOOC offered by Udacity. This introductory course is aptly titled as "Intro to DevOps". It has got three modules. First module explains what DevOps is and why it is needed. It also discusses DevOps principles viz. Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing, which are popularly referred to as CAMS. Second module focuses on DevOps environment. It requires the participants to prepare the development environment by using VirtualBox, Vagrant, Packer, Git and ssh. It further provides instructions to use these software tools as part of a small project. The final module covers continuous integration, continuous delivery and measurement. Besides introducing these concepts, this module asks the participants to set up Jenkins and Graphite to gain some hands-on experience.

I liked this MOOC since it makes us play with some prominent DevOps tools, besides explaining the basic concepts.

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Vamshi Krishna said...

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