Friday, 15 November, 2013

Paper Review: Teaching Accounting Courses Online: One Instructor’s Experience

Dusing, G. M., Hosler, J. C., & Ragan, J. M. (2012). Teaching Accounting Courses Online: One Instructor’s Experience. American Journal of Business Education (AJBE), 5(3), 359-368.

This paper reports experience of delivering accounting courses online at a small liberal arts school. One noteworthy feature of the course design is utilization of STAR scholars for assistance in classroom delivery and for maintaining helpdesk for students. The author has shared following best practices and lessons learned:
  • When preparing an online course, thorough planning becomes the critical first step.
  • Each online course should have a standard look and feel.
  • Synchronous student interaction on a weekly basis was critical.
  • The pace of delivery within an online course must be controlled.
  • Multiple course assessment opportunities are critical in an online environment.
  • Listen to your students throughout the course and respond quickly to questions and problems that may arise.

This paper shares experience (lessons learned and best practices) of delivering an online accounting course. Strictly speaking, it is not a research paper but it is still valuable as it shares field experience, which is useful in building understanding about online education.

The approach described in this paper is very similar to what is being used in MOOC. It is interesting to note that technological tools can be effectively used to create a useful learning experience for students.

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