Monday, 24 June, 2013

Book Review: TATA LOG

TATA LOG tells 8 stories from Tata group of companies. Though it is written by a Tata insider, it is not a book that only praises Tata way of working. Rather it takes a critical view of happenings and that is a strength of this book. Written in a very lucid language, this book is both entertaining and informative. I think all eight stories given in this book can become excellent case studies for discussion in MBA classes and corporate management training programs.   

These eight stories are as follows:

  1. Launch of TATA Indica car
  2. CSR work by TATA Chemicals 
  3. Making of Tanishq brand
  4. Trouble at Tata Finance
  5. Tata Second Career Program
  6. Development of EKA - an Indian supercomputer
  7. Acquisition of Tetley by Tata Tea
  8. Winning of Deming Prize by Tata Steel
Highly recommended book for business book lovers!


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