Tuesday, 10 April, 2012

Book Review: The Coalition of Competitors

Written by a former president of NASSCOM, this book provides a sort of "official biography" of NASSCOM. Additionally, this book tells the story of Indian software industry, which is represented by NASSCOM.

First chapter of this book provides a quick overview of initial days of both Indian IT industry and NASSCOM. Second chapter covers Indian IT industry in 1990s before Y2K and dotcom boom. In chapter three, the author has discussed how Indian IT industry responded to three major events: Y2K, dotcom and 9/11. Chapter four tells BPO story as it got unfolded during first decade of 21st century. It also discusses other emerging services viz., Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and Engineering Services (ES). This chapter also touches upon how domestic market in general and Indian Government in specific, is opening up to use IT and how that present opportunities to Indian IT companies.

The author has devoted fifth chapter to describe the constraints faced by Indian IT industry. These constraints include crumbling infrastructure, shortage of suitable human resources, domestic political backlash and regulatory speed-breakers. Sixth chapter covers the role played by Indian Government in shaping Indian IT industry. It specifically elaborates industry-friendly Government policies/initiatives such as STPI and tax incentives. Seventh chapter then focuses on multiple roles played by NASSCOM over a period of time. Besides mentioning NASSCOM's contribution in the areas of industry brand building, providing unifying vision, lobbying etc., this chapter describes NASSCOM's structure and governance model. In eighth chapter, aptly titled as "crystal-ball gazing", the author has provided his outlook and vision for both Indian IT industry and NASSCOM. In final chapter, the author has elaborated how the mantra of "Compete, but Cooperate" as exemplified by NASSCOM, can be applied in wider context.

I found this book quite informative and would recommend it to every Indian IT professional.

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