Thursday, 21 April, 2011

Latest Forrester Wave on Enterprise Architecture Management Suites

In this month, Forrester has published Forrester Wave on Enterprise
Architecture Management Suites (EAMS). The EAMS market is not so well
defined, so I guess Forrester is trying to establish this product
category through this report. It has identified 10 vendors, which
offer products that closely matches the Forrester definition of EAMS.
It has identified Mega, Troux, Software AG and Alfabet as leaders with
following comments:
1. Mega is the most advanced second-generation EA tool migrating to
EAMS with strong GRC.
2. Troux Technologies is the strongest for standards and application
portfolio management.
3. Software AG promises the best business connection to EAMS.
4. Alfabet is the thought leader and a defining force in the EAMS category

Forrester has further identified Metastrom, IBM, Casewise, Avolution
and The Salamander Organization as Strong Performers with following
1. Metastorm offers interesting technologies to become an EAMS player.
2. IBM offers a modular approach to EAMS adoption.
3. Casewise builds on its ease of use to construct an EAMS strategy.
4. Avolution is a newcomer with a surprisingly strong showing.
5. The Salamander Organization provides a toolbox and services to
build your own EAMS.

Finally there is one vendor - BiZZdesign, which has been named as
Contender as it provides a strong second-generation EA tool but lags
in the EAMS space.

Though this report would be useful for Enterprise Architects in
general, it would have become more useful if it had contained more
discussion about this product category itself.


Henry Peyret said...


Thanks for your comment about the wave document. I am the co-author of this research document for Forrester.
You are right this document does not include the definition of that still defining market EA management Suite market. In fact that definition has been done in a previous document called "The Evolution From EA Tools To EA Management Suites". I encourage you to take a look at this document. If you cannot access it let me know.

Shrikant Mulik said...

Thanks Henry for your comment. Yes, I read the document titled "The Evolution From EA Tools To EA Management Suites". It not only provides definition but also describes the evolution in an insightful manner. Looking forward to your continued research on the topic of EA in general and EAMS in particular. - Shrikant