Thursday, 2 September, 2010

Book Review: The Romance of Tata Steel

Written by R M Lala, this book is a story of Tata Steel, running for
more than a century. The story begins in the years of 1980s and covers
the latest events such as acquisition of Corus. Tata Steel is known
for two key things: low-cost production of steel and public welfare
activities. The book focuses more on the second thing but does provide
some insights into the operations of the company. It mentions quite a
few anecdotes and portraits many personalities that were involved in
making and running of Tata Steel. In a little less than 200 pages, the
authors has been able to give a good understanding of the company
though more details in the areas of management style, operational
strategy etc., would have made this book more useful. It definitely
succeeds in increasing respect for the company among readers.

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Pamela said...

One of the best book reviews I've ever read! Love your style.