Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Responsibilities of Enterprise Architect

It's very difficult to answer what are the responsibilities of Enterprise Architect? It's not because nobody has an answer to it. It's the other extreme. There are too many answers to this question. Let me too join the club of the preachers to describe the responsibilities and the performance measurement criteria for Enterprise Architect. I guess they would be useful for hiring enterprise architects!

IMHO, Enterprise Architect has following responsibilities:

  • Analyze the interrelationships among business processes, information, application systems, and underlying infrastructure technology and maintain their documentation in EA repository.
  • Develop technology strategy and standards in consultation with technology SMEs and business leaders.
  • Monitor adherence to the technology strategy and standards using Architecture Review.
  • Introduce new technology to enable new business capabilities in consultation with technology SMEs and business leaders.

And the performance measurement criteria could be one or more of the following with case-specific targets:

  • Cost saving
  • Reduction in IT project execution time
  • Reduction in IT risk
  • Increase in consistency of project delivery
  • Enabling business innovations

I will keep on updating both these lists as and when I acquire new learning!

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