Thursday, 18 June, 2009

Book Review: A Better India A Better World

"A Better India A Better World" is a book written by Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy. It's a collection of his speeches delivered over recent years, to different kinds of audience across the globe.

The book has 38 speeches classified into 10 parts such as Address to Students, Values, Leadership Challenges, Entrepreneurship and globalization. While quite a few things repeat, these speeches are fairly exclusive in communicating the thoughts and ideas. The Introduction written by author is also an excellent piece of work.

I would suggest reading this book to get motivated for achieving your own lofty dreams with hard work and high moral sense.



Is it available in libraries?

Vivek Raja said...

Some Excerpts from this book in my blog.

Pls. do check out. You will ever feel worth reading it.

the one which I have sticked in my cabin.

What do I expect from the India of 2067, after another sixty years? I want an india where every child will have access to decent education,health care, nutrition and shelter. I want an India where every child belonging to any race, religion and case is confident that there is a bright future for him/her if he/she is honest and hardworking. I want an India which receives respect from every global forum because we will be high performers; we will be peace-loving; we will gracious hosts; we will be fair; we wil be pluralistic and respect every faith; and we will be trustworthy.