Friday, 14 December, 2007

I am now SAP Certified Associate Enterprise Architect!

Yesterday I appeared for SAP Certification test for Associate Enterprise Architect and could pass it! The test covered topics such as SAP NetWeaver stack, SAP EAF and Enterprise SOA. There were 80 multiple-choice questions for 3 hours. I could complete the test in half the time. Many questions were tricky and needed careful reading. I found some questions where recommendation was asked for a given scenario while rest of them were more details-oriented.

It's a good feeling to know that I am now SAP Certified Associate Enterprise Architect!

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mi said...

Congrats!! I am preparing for the exam & will appreciate any recommendations on material that can be helpful.

mi (

Anonymous said...

Congrats !!

Appreciate if you can share information on your preparation plan.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! i am preparing for "SAP Certified Development Associate - Java with SAP NetWeaver 7.0" certification and i would appreciate if you share materials at


nsidh said...

Hi Shrikant
Congratulations for the achievement.
that will be very nice and kind help from you , if you can share the documents and syllabus for the ESOA certification exam. my mail id is
thanks & Regards
Siddharth Neekhra

Agam said...

Shrikant - congratulations !! I am sure this will serve you well in your future career.
I am preparing for this exam through varied scattered materials that I have collected over the years. I have been in SAP consulting for almost 12 years now. If you have any tips to offer on the preparation materials, it would be beneficial also for the other folks who have left similar messages. thanks. Atnsfdr

Anonymous said...

Hi Shrikant!!

Cnogratulations for your success.
I am also planning for taking the test. If you can share some of your materials and ideas, it would be of great help.

Thanks in advance
my email is:

Vinay said...

Hello Shrikant
My name is Vinay, I'm preparing for the Associate Enterprise Architect Certification. I looked at your blog and thought you could give me some advise on how to go about preparing since you have already crossed the hurdle. I would sincerely appriciate your help in this regard.

Vinay said...

Hello Shrikanth
Its great to hear that you are a certified associate EA, I'm also taking this exam would appriciate if you could please provide me some guidance on how to prepare for the exam.

Pooja Pandey said...

Hey Shrikant,
I gone through some of your articles and they are really very appealing. You have expressed your ideas very beautifully in many articles, specially this one

Congratulation for the SAP eSOA certification. How long did it take for you to prepare for the exam ? Did you take the SAP classes or did you prepare it by yourself ? I appreciate your help.

Arun said...

Hi Srikant,

I came across to your blogs while searching EAF Certification in net.

All of your blogs are very informative and positive. Thanks for sharing.

Lastly, would you please share your thoughts on how did you prepare for EAF certification? And your thoughts on doing it better.

Once again, thank you so much.

Arun Das

Ahmed said...

You are agood role model to attain this height and still want to help others.
I am preparing for Netweaver 2004 certifications and will appreciate any recommendations on material that can be helpful.
Please do emailme on
Ahmed Hassan.

giri said...

Hi Shrikant,

I reached your blog through a google search for SAP Enterprise Architect's certification material.

Good to know that a you are a certified Enterprise Architect. Please do a favor by guiding me with the areas of focus and material needed for preparing for EA Certification.


giri said...

My email id is

Sara said...

Hi Shrikant - Congratulations!

I am finding that the class is quite theoretical and even the teacher does not know the questions that will be asked. I am trying hard on this and hoping someone can help -

You can either IM me or e-mail me at


Rey said...

Congrats! I´m preparing for the test too, in two days from now I´ll take it. Can you please give me some last minute headsups?

Thanks! my email is

Murthy VVVSN said...

Hi Shrikanth,

Can you please send me some info related to certification.Syllabus like...SOA200/SOA110 etc.,to my mail id

Murthy VVVSN said...


Suj said...

Hi Shrikanth,


I am trying to write the exam too.. Appreciate if anybody got SOA200.

Thanks in advance.

project manager said...

can anybody give material for SOA certification - C_SOA200_70 ,

or can give me the source from where I can get.
I am planning the certification but not able to get good material.

I would like to share cost also.

V i N a Y said...

Hi Shrikant,

I am going to appear for " SAP CERTIFIED DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE - JAVA WITH SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 " certificate in TechEd2008.

Can you provide me questions on the same which might be shared by already certified people.

Please do the needful.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


Have you taken any training course before attempting the certification? If so, could you please provide me the details to my email

Thanks in advance

Satya Chunduru


Viswajith said...


Congrats! I also am trying to write ESOA certification. It will be really helpful if you can provide me some questions or any suggestions which will be helpful.

my mail id:


Viswajith said...


Congrats! I also am trying to write ESOA certification. It will be really helpful if you can provide me some questions or any suggestions which will be helpful.

my mail id:


Anonymous said...


I am planning to take the exam Emterprise Architect, can you let me know is it required to attend the classroom training or we can take the exam without training

please suggest

Anonymous said...

Shirkanth Firstoff all i want to Congratulate you on success of SOA200.This is chandu i am writing C_SOA200_70 exam,Please can give inputs to get on SOA200 my mail
Waiting for help


Anonymous said...

Miguel said...

Hi everybody!!

I'm preparing this certification too.

Can you share information about the preparation and test??

Thanks a lot!!


Basel said...

Hello Shrinkant and All,
im preparing for the exam,any tipd and information on how to prepare would be highly apprciated

vkmuthu said...

Please share the preparation plan to get certified. I am preparing for the certification now. Any help is appreciated. My email:


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
I just passed the Associate SAP EA exam today! 90 questions 3hrs. Nice feeling.....all the cramming and memorising paid off in the end. I spent about £10K last year attending all the courses in the curriculum from SAP01 to SOA200.

Anonymous said...


I am attending for my Certification next month , any help/suggestions highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
my mail id is

Anonymous said...

Hello Shrikant,
Great! you did not waste your sap training skills

Please advise!! the cost? the levels of training? i am interested in sap (HR)please kindly advise. BOOK? Material??Institute??
All the best to you

Saurabh said...

Hi Shrikant,

Congratulations on your success. I have been studying and working in this area and have decided to take a certification. I will appreciate if you have anything to share what SAP teaches in e-learning class NW001 (my I have not taken that.

Thanks and once again congratulations!!


Yawar said...

Congrats Shrikant.

Can you give me an insight on which SAP certification is the highly in demand? My background in development and business applications. I am working in a Bank as a Senior Systems Analyst. I think Enterprise Architect Certification suites me there might be other certifications which are better and high in demand.

My main reason to come towards SAP is to get a high in demand certification. Your advise will be highly appreciated.

Sing said...

Hi Shrikant, Can you please post/send me on SAP Architect prep guide. I am planning to appear for the exam. I took some SAP Trainings. Also please give some insights about type of Qs ...sample Questions.
I appreciate your help.

Sing said...

Hi Shrikant...I missed to mention email id (regzinghh2 @ gmail. com ).
Thanks again.

Riyadh said...

Hi Srikant and all,

I am preparing for the SAP Associate Enterprise Certificate exam. Currently i am preparing based on SOA-200 and SOA-100. Can anybody suggest me any other resource or materials other than that? I am also searching for some sample questions and mock exam. Is anybody aware of such exam and questions? I will appreciate your reply in the following mail address

Thanks in advance.

_CE220 said...


I am preparing for "SAP Certified Development Associate - Java with SAP NetWeaver 7.0" certification. Can you able to share you exam materials with me?


Vikram said...

I am also thinking to do Associate Enterprise Architect certification.
Please share your experience and what you think how good is the scrop in this area.
Please also pass if you have any materials to


Prasanna said...

Hi Shrikant,

I am preparing for SAP Associate Enterprise Architect (C_SOA200_70) exam.

I would truly appreciate if you can guide/help me in this by sharing your experiences and path chosen by you to get this certification.

My email-id is

Thank you!

Anagh said...

hi i too m preparing for this exam.. plzz share the materials

my email id is

Anonymous said...

I am willing to take the same exam soon and will appreciate any guide or assistance from anyone who as passed the exam. My contact E-mail Address is

Anonymous said...


Iam also preparing for the exam.

Please share the materials to my mail id :

Anonymous said...

Hi Shrikant,

I am considering taking up this exam and happened to read your post. Appreciate if you could give me some pointers on how to go about this. My email is thank you.

Rachana Santoshwar said...

Hi Srikant,

I am planning to take the P_SOA_EA_70 SAP Certified Professional Enterprise Architect in coming teched 2012 Tme is very less and i have not found any material so far. Came to know about your blog . Could you please provide some pointers on the study material and your exp.


Shreyas Pandya said...

Hello Experts,

I am looking forward for an Enterprise Architect certification.
Please guide me for the below 3 certifications & which one is suitable and recommended for my work profile.
And if possible also let me know about what are the prerequisites for each of these certifications in terms of work experience as well as a rough idea on the total cost of the certification.

1. TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect.
2. SAP Certified Associate Enterprise Architect.
3. expand »SAP Certified Associate Technology Architect.

I am currently working on SAP Enterprise Portal technology platform having total 4.5 years of work experience with skills mentioned below.
SAP Enterprise Portal (EP), Content Integration of various Business Packages on EP like ESS-MSS, SRM, BW. SAP Netweaver Composition Environment (CE) for enabling SOA empowered architecture built using EJB 3.0 & Web Service concepts, WebDynpro-Java, Netweaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI), SAP NetWeaver BPM/BRM, SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0

Also let me know if there are entrance scenarios that are required for the selection process in TOGAF?

As far as I have read about the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework, it has been derived from Caogemini’s IAF & TOGAF.

Capgemini's Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) was developed during the 1990s and its form and structures are heavily influenced by Zachman.

Capgemini EA experience and IAF, along with TOGAF were used to develop SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF).
SAP EAF is vendor-independent, but it does contain SAP Specific mappings.

The very unique idea behind the development SAP EAF was to fill in the Gap that TOGAF could not provide, i.e. to support Packages & Packaged services implementation.

So, I just wanted to understand that, is it necessary or a good way to start with the True and original frameworks like TOGAF and then pursue the Extended and evolved frameworks like SAP EAF.
What is an absolute way of achieving and becoming a fine architect after all?

SAP EAF claims that it is not technology specific as i have already mentioned in my earlier replies.

So, is it really worth taking such certification rather than going for TOGAF?

Shreyas Pandya

navaneedh said...

HaHa...I'll try to do some sketch when i got the time...

SAP Certification UK

Anonymous said...

Hi Shrikant,

I am preparing for SAP Associate Enterprise Architect (C_SOA200_70) exam.

I would truly appreciate if you can guide/help me in this by sharing your experiences and path chosen by you to get this certification.

My email-id is

Thank you!

Naveen Reddy said...

Hi Shrikant,


Could you please share your recommendations and material to

Thanks and Regards,

Hernan Dario Rodriguez Sanchez said...

Hi Shrikant,congratulations.

Could you please share your recommendations and material to me? I would appreciate a lot !

Thanks and Regards


Gaurav Mohan said...

Hi Shrikant,

Congratulation on the Certification & Efforts to enable other to join the fraternity too.

I'd be grateful if you could share your detailed experiences, materials, notes so as to enable myself, aptly appear for the examination I am planning in next month.

You could share the same at -

Shall look forward to your response.


mahendra k said...

congrats sreekath pls share me certification material to

gjergji fecami said...

Greetings Shrikant,
Congratulations first of all.

Please may you share any valuable documentation or certification materials to

Kindly waiting for your feedback,

All the best,