Thursday, 25 August, 2011

Book Review: McKinsey's Marvin Bower

This book is a biography of Marvin Bower, who is often referred to as
father of management consulting. The book weaves together many
anecdotes to illustrate vision and thought process of Marvin Bower. I
found three case studies viz. Royal Dutch Shell (1956), PwC (1979) and
HBS (1979) quite useful. The book provides quite a few lessons in
consulting hence I would recommend it to every budding consultant.

Friday, 5 August, 2011

Book Review: The Social Media Marketing Book

This book provides a knowledge capsule on the topic of social media
from a marketer's perspective. After an introductory chapter, eight
chapters cover each of the following social media types: blogging,
twitter and microblogging, social networking, media sharing, social
news and bookmarking, ratings and reviews, forums and finally virtual
worlds. The author provides prescription for strategy, tactics and
practice in the second last chapter. The last chapter is devoted to a
crucial topic of measurement. Well-structured information and
insightful wisdom about social media marketing makes this book useful
for everyone interested in exploiting social media phenomenon for
marketing their products and services.