Monday, 24 June, 2013

Book Review: TATA LOG

TATA LOG tells 8 stories from Tata group of companies. Though it is written by a Tata insider, it is not a book that only praises Tata way of working. Rather it takes a critical view of happenings and that is a strength of this book. Written in a very lucid language, this book is both entertaining and informative. I think all eight stories given in this book can become excellent case studies for discussion in MBA classes and corporate management training programs.   

These eight stories are as follows:

  1. Launch of TATA Indica car
  2. CSR work by TATA Chemicals 
  3. Making of Tanishq brand
  4. Trouble at Tata Finance
  5. Tata Second Career Program
  6. Development of EKA - an Indian supercomputer
  7. Acquisition of Tetley by Tata Tea
  8. Winning of Deming Prize by Tata Steel
Highly recommended book for business book lovers!


Friday, 14 June, 2013

Book Review: Never Stop Learning

"Never Stop Learning" is a collection of 14 lessons in which business leaders have shared their learning/opinions/advice about learning. These lessons could be inspiring for the ones who generally question the need for continuous learning. I didn't find anything new to learn from this book though. If you are firm believer in continuous learning then you need not read this book. For others, it will really help!

Saturday, 8 June, 2013

I have now become TOGAF Eertified Enterprise Architect!

Last week, I appeared and passed the exam for TOFAF Part 1 and Part 2 Combined! So now I can call myself TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect!

Though I attended the four-day course in last year, I kept on postponing appearing for exam due to work pressure. Finally, I decided to give it a shot and it worked. Though I couldn't score 100%, I could pass with comfortable margin.

The biggest benefit of giving this exam is that it forced me to read TOGAF document from cover to cover. I hope I can utilize this knowledge in some assignments in near future!